GQ India - 5 best wines under RS 3,000

Posted on April 25 2017

GQ India - 5 best wines under RS 3,000
Article by:  I am often asked to name my favourite wine. And my answer usually is ‘I don’t have a clue.’ Not an easy question to answer at any time of my week given that every day I am surrounded by all manner of wine bottles to assess. As Brand Director for Fratelli Vineyards, my role is multi-faceted in that it is my mission to ensure the range of Fratelli wines are being poured on the best tables around the country and are being consumed by people from all walks of life. So all in the name of unbiased commentary and for all the people that may care and have asked, I offer these wines as my current top 10 best wines under Rs 3500, readily available wines for consumption with your BFFs Of course, from the start it would be rather remiss of me not to mention my favourite wines at Fratelli not because ‘I have to’ mind you, but because I need the consumer to know that great wines in India come not only from Nashik but also from Akluj in Sholapur in Maharashtra. And so, here is my list of five best wines under Rs 3500. 

Molly’s Cradle Reserve Shiraz 2014

And finally, it is my patriotic duty to discreetly sneak in a little Aussie gem that I know you will go crazy over when you have a bottle. This shout out very loud and clear all that is good about Aussie reds in particular Shiraz from this region of the country. The nose is quintessential McLaren Vale Shiraz, with a perfumed array of dark berries, plums, dark liqueur chocolate, vanilla bean and spice. On the palate, the dark fruits jump to the fore and generously flow through to the long finish, balanced with spicy dark chocolate and slightly chewy yet ultra-fine tannins. This wine screams for your attention. Rs 2800. 

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